Our Team Members

Dr. Vijay Nielsen, D.M.S., H.D.

Dr. Vijay Nielsen is a homeopathic doctor who specializes in women’s health, dermatology and helps with digestive disorders as well as Ears, Nose & Throat disorders.  

Dr. Nielsen provides several keynote lectures each year as well as webinars for Boiron and is an editorial board member for the Journal of Ethnopharmacology & Medical Foods Asia.


Dr. Jennifer Doull, TCMD

Dr. Jennifer Doull's passion to help patients achieve their health goal is met by her deep knowledge and experience in the field of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Doull's special interests include: Fertility (infertility), Endocrine Disorders and Stress & Anxiety.


Petra Spletzer, Ph.D

Petra Spletzer, Ph.D. is a Registered Psychologist and has worked with adults and children for over 10 years.

In her clinical practice, she specializes in treating general depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship issues, and prenatal and postpartum depression.


Our Services


Women's Health

Bladder Infections | Endometriosis Fertility | Hormones Mastitis | PCOS PMS | Yeast Infections


Digestive Health

Constipation | Diarrhea | Diverticulosis | GERD Hiatal Hernia | IBS | Sensitive Stomach | Ulcers



Egg Health | Ovulation Disorder | Recurrent Miscarriages Sperm Health Unexplained Infertility


Pediatric Health

Asthma & Allergies | Digestive Health | Ear Infections | Optimizing Health | Skin Rashes | Tonsils & Adenoids



Acne | Cold Sores | Eczema (dermatitis) Hives | Skin Boils/Abescess | Warts Melasma (skin discoloration)


Ears, Nose & Throat / Headaches

Chronic Sore Throat & Coughs | Ear Infections Headaches/Migraines | Sinuses | Vertigo


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