Stress, we often hear that word and even though we understand that an individual is stressed it often it is not always clear what stress is. Stress is when we are not sure how to handle what is happening in our life. 

Stress is a very personal experience and can not only affect our mental wellbeing but also can affect our body. Symptoms of muscle tension, racing heart, stomach pain and sweating are often a warning sign that your body needs attention in addressing your symptoms. As a result, your body starts to run low on stress hormones leading to an increase in infections and affect energy levels. 

At Nielsen Clinic (Calgary), we help develop a treatment plan specific to your current health needs. We help our patients get to the root of their health concerns by customizing treatment and helping you to make positive lifestyle adjustments. If needed, we provide hormone testing which may identify potential underlying concerns that may contribute to the slow recovery of stress.  

Natural Stress Treatment


At Nielsen Clinic we use acupuncture, homeopathy, counselling, herbal medicine, and diet and lifestyle counselling to optimize your ability to deal with stress and recovery from stress. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathic treatment can help stress regulate hormones and improve one's energy levels.