Nielsen Clinic has become one of the best-known clinics for homeopathy & integrative medicine.

Nielsen Clinic's reputation and expertise are unrivaled in the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) field. Nielsen Clinic is actively involved in both provincial and federal health regulations.

Dr. Vijay Nielsen established Nielsen Clinic in Calgary in 2005 and lives in  Calgary. Nielsen Clinic provides high-quality, comprehensive health services. We not only focus on an individual's health but also educate and empower our patients to improve in all aspects of health.

Nielsen Clinic has earned the reputation of being at the forefront of healthcare and has integrated additional modalities to meet patient's health needs. Patients have counted on and referred their family and friends to our clinic. Our patients love that we form a relationship and partnership in their healthcare. 

At Nielsen Clinic we help our patients optimize their health and wellness by treating them as individuals and by identifying risks and minimizing them. Our personalized approach helps promote health and wellness through restoration, rejuvenation, and prevention by addressing the root cause. 

We help our patients; we develop short and long-term goals to help you live your life to the fullest by providing “Personalized Medicine.” 

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine means tailoring care and providing treatment plans for an individual's health needs. Personalized medicine is valuable in helping to not only treat an individual’s health concerns but also in being able to adapt to a person’s needs as they change. A personalized approach to you health also helps both you become proactive with your health by addressing your symptoms before they manifest as a disease.

Our ability to provide flexible therapies and the latest diagnostics from around the world which can help you regains your health and wellbeing.

Why Nielsen Clinic?

Since 2005, Nielsen Clinic has helped people from all age groups to find answers to their health concerns. While we solve the tough cases, we make sure that our solutions are simple, effective and easy to impliment for our patients. 

Below are the three main reasons why patients choose Nielsen Clinic: 

We Make Time for You

Time is always tight and in life we are often rushed. As a result, we sometimes omit the important things when it comes to our health concerns. 

At Nielsen Clinic our doctors take the time to listen and understand your health concerns. We provide an environment that is unrushed and are proud to provide the time for our patients that is longer than industry standards in order to help address health needs. 

Integrating Therapies

Becoming one of the largest homeopathic clinics in Canada resulted in asking ourselves one simple question. What more can we do to help our patients? 

This is what led us to integrate acupuncture, functional medicine and psychology into our clinic, allowing us to help even more of our current and future patients balance their individual health needs.  

Doctors with Experience

Did you know that our doctors combine for 35 years of clinical experience? With over thirty-five years of clinical experience we can provide our patients with extensive knowledge in treating health conditions. 

Our doctors believe in collaboration and will often ask one another for advice, gathering opinions to help our patients get the best care possible.