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TOP DOCTOR - Dr. Vijay Nielsen


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A Continuity of Care - Aug 2017


Global Health & Pharma

Homeopathic Clinic of the Year 2018 - Alberta


Global News: Flu Season's Here...

Experts weigh in on what works, and what doesn’t.

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Top Doctor 2018: Dr. Vijay Nielsen

A look at the top local doctors and medical industry professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty in giving extraordinary care. Your passport to better health begins here.


Top Homeopathic Clinic - Canada

LUX Global Excellence Awards are purely based upon merit. LUX Global Excellence Awards, is a stamp of excellence, and all award winners are part of an exclusive and illustrious group comprising of some of the most influential names in the luxury markets.

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Dr. Vijay Nielsen, DMS HD


Homeopathic Clinic of the Year 2018 - Alberta

Global Health & Pharma Magazine 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards is given to professionals from across the globe, who prove antibiotics and chemicals are not the only solutions when maintaining one’s health.


Best Holistic Centre - Calgary

LUX Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards celebrates the leading lights of this dynamic industry. Every year this sector continues to evolve and grow rapidly. LUX has selected Nielsen Clinic due to its commitment to clients, innovation and inspiring change in the healthy, beauty & wellness industry.


Homeopathic & Integrative Clinic - Calgary