For those who experience headaches or migraines, they often face many challenges from reduced quality of life, to suffering significant pain and discomfort that can disrupt cause them to remain bedridden. Headaches and migraines can be a debilitating condition, affecting one physical, emotional and social wellbeing. 

At Nielsen Clinic (Calgary), we develop a treatment plan specific to your health needs. We help you get to the root of your health concerns by customizing treatment and helping implement positive lifestyle adjustments to help you get control headaches or migraines.

Below are sections offering information for common questions as well as various elements of headaches and migraines.  

+ What is Headaches/Migraines?

Headaches/Migraines can present as tension headaches, sinus headaches and are painful. For individuals who suffer from migraine headaches their symptoms often include pounding headaches, nausea, light sensitivity, and vomiting.

+ What Causes Headaches/Migraines?

For some individual, they can have trigger factors such as allergies, stress, food sensitivities, light sensitivity or PMS related headaches or migraines.

+ What are symptoms of Headaches/Migraines?

Common symptoms of migraines are:
• Nausea
• Pain behind one eye
• Ear pain
• Visual changes; flashing lights, light sensitivity or vision loss

+ Self-care & Prevention - Headaches/Migraines

Since most migraines/headaches start due to stress, take steps to reduce your stress.

If your migraines/headaches are triggered by foods, eliminate those foods.

+ Treatment for Headaches/Migraines - How We Can Help

Step 1 - Listen and understand your concerns: Listen to your health concerns, symptoms, review your health history and lifestyle.

Step 2 - Start your treatment plan to address your main areas of concern: Start your initial treatment plan to address headaches/migraines symptoms as well as identify and address underlying factors which may worsen your headache/migraine symptoms.

Step 3 - Treating your root cause: Tailor your treatment to address both your symptoms and underlying factors while helping your body reduce symptoms of headaches/migraines and help restore normal daily function.

Natural Vertigo Treatment

NIELSEN CLINIC 3R's (Remove, Restore & Recover)



Remove: Start addressing your vertigo symptoms you are struggling the most with: dizziness, nausea, anxiety, vomiting, migraines and stress. 



Restore: Help restore your balance by addressing the underlying causes (i.e. BPPV, migraines etc.).



Recover: Tailor your treatment so you can control your vertigo and feel better. Recover your health and say goodbye to vertigo controling your life.