While ear infections are usually not serious, they can be painful and cause sleepless nights. Most ear infections occur when a child has a cold for a few days. 

An ear infection is called otitis media which is a medical term for a middle ear infection and is very common in children from 6 months old to three years of age. For some children who are prone to frequent ear infections, we can help improve their immune system. 

Nielsen Clinic's (Calgary) approach to pediatric health is not only in providing treatment for ailments but also in providing preventative medicine. 

Below are sections providing information for common pediatric gastrointestinal complaints.

+ What causes an ear infection?

Ear infections are usually caused by viruses and in some cases bacteria's. Germs from the back of the throat travel back into the eustachian tube which connects the middle ear to the back of the throat.

+ Who is at higher risk for ear infections?

Usually, children who are under five years old tend to develop ear infections due to the shorter eustachian tubes and children who attend daycare because they tend to have more acute viral illnesses (colds and coughs).

Children who are not breast fed have a slightly increased risk factor of developing ear infections, as breast milk has antibodies that helps improve the child's immune response and immune system.

+ Symptoms of ear infections (otitis media)

Children's symptoms can vary for each child. Older children will be able communicate that they have an earache while younger children will often have the following symptoms:

Cold or a cough
Trouble sleeping
Tug or pull at their ears
Difficulty hearing quiet sounds.
Fluid draining from the ear.

+ How is an ear infection treated without antibiotics?

At Nielsen Clinic we offer effective treatment that has been based on clinical research and double blind studies.

The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Vol. 35. No. 7 – 1997 published clinical outcomes of homeopathy versus conventional medicine. It found that homeopathic treatment compared to conventional treatment (antibiotics) was not only faster in resolving the ear infection, but also reduced the rate of recurrent ear infections significantly.

Treatment Length (how many days to resolve ear infection)
Homeopathic Treatment = 4 Days
Conventional Treatment = 4 Days

Free of recurrence within 1 Year
Homeopathic Treatment = 70.7%
Conventional Treatment = 56.6%

Frequency of reoccurrence within 1 year
Homeopathic Treatment = Maximum of 3 recurrences
Conventional Treatment = Maximum of 6 recurrences

Most children usually feel better within 1 day of starting homeopathic treatment. However, your doctor might want to see your child again to be sure the infection has cleared up completely. Fluid can remain in the middle ear without inflammation for a few weeks.

Natural Ear Infection Treatment For Children

NIELSEN CLINIC 3R's (Remove, Restore & Rejuvenate)

Remove Symptoms of Ear Infection

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Remove symptoms of ear infections. 

 Restore Normal Ear Function

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Restore normal ear function. 

Rejuvenate Immune System

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Rejuvenate your child's immune system.