Warm Winter Foods

In Calgary’s cold winter months your body is working hard to maintain the proper functioning of all your organs and systems. I believe that you can help support your body by cooking a significant percentage of the meals that you eat (60-80%) this season. Cooking your foods makes them easier to digest by breaking down some of the molecular bonds within the food.  This is healthy for you because it reduces the energy output required by your body to digest your meal, saving energy for other metabolic processes that are constantly working to keep you balanced and healthy. FYI, this includes hormone balancing and gamete maturation for anyone that would like to conceive.

Our bodies often have this innate wisdom and tend to crave warm foods during the winter months so do yourself a favour and bring out your crock pot and all your comfort food recipes. This is especially important if your Chinese Medicine doctor has mentioned a spleen or kidney qi deficiency to you or if you find yourself feeling any weakness, bloating or fatigue after meals.  My favourite warm meals to prepare are homemade chicken soup and chilli, but I encourage you to get creative with other soups and stews. Happy cooking!