Community is how we heal each other.

Seeing may be believing, but healing is about feeling. Often times the best treatments I have given are when I do nothing at all. I don't place a needle in the body, I don't work out a restrictive muscle knot, I don't recommend a single herbal formula.

When I first started out in the healing realm, I was 13 years old. I wasn't researching medicine or practicing my massage techniques on my parents feet. I was training my mind and spirit in meditation. I was calming my thoughts and directing the flow of energy in my body in the most peaceful way.

I continued this practice my whole life and saw how it was integrated into almost every discipline I learned throughout my schooling. In yoga it was described as a pulling of attention away from your thoughts and into your physical body. In traditional Chinese medicine it was the movement of Qi and the awareness of an energy that ran through the entire body system.

But it always felt the same to me. It always felt like home. A silence that would always support me and allow me to deeply connect with the world around me. This sense of being is what allows me to hold space for my patients.

By being present with another human, without words, contact or even intention, you can create a place for someone to feel compassion and connection.  Both of you can revel in the human experience without effort.

I think that without "doing" anything for each other as humans we can still enhance each other by simply being aware. Being aware of ourselves and our reactions. Being perceptive to other people's needs and desires. Being open to the idea of understanding and love.

Too often in healthcare we train patients to think that there is a perfect way to care for your body. You can eat all the right things and exercise all the right ways and do all the right activities. But there is no right way, there is no perfection. The perfection actually comes from the chaos of the human experience.

The fact that we can make mistakes and learn every day is such a beautiful gift. No one ought to search for perfection, just happiness, forgiveness and love. Being healthy is being imperfect. Being healthy is doing your best with what you've been given.

So when I say I have helped people in my practice without lifting a finger. I mean I was simply there for a person, simply a mirror to them that they are enough, that they are loved and deserve love. We can heal each other by removing the stress of perfection or the idea of doing the right thing. We can support each other in this world by simply being compassionate human beings who entertain the notion that we are already all doing a great job in living this life.