My Mission Statement - Dr. Sarah Martins

The service I provide is one of greater value than it is presented as. I not only aid people in healing their bodies from discomfort and pain, but I provide maintenance for their bodies as well as an opportunity to take a much needed break.

Not often in adult life do we get the opportunity to let someone else take care of us, even if it is just for an hour. We are obligated to complete certain tasks and be always on the move.

With treatment, you as a patient, can leave all of that "adulting" to us. We are in charge of caring for your body and doing everything that needs to be done for the hour or so that you visit with us.

Even as adults, I believe that we need nurturing and care. We need all the weight of the world lifted off of our shoulders every so often. We need breaks from everything that is real life.

So when you visit me for a treatment, yes I do all of the typical things like, check blood pressure, make sure vitals are within normal range and assess you and your body to the best of my ability.

But I also strive to make the environment with which this all occurs, very peaceful and calming. When I place the needles in the acupuncture points, I do it with perception and awareness of how you, the patient, is feeling. I play music and dim the lights so that you can get that much desired rest you have been craving all day.

The more often I provide this service, understandably, the more often your body is relieved of stress and anxiety. Breaks from the unwavering list of "TO DO's". Breaks from the strain and pain. Breaks from the world of constant interaction and noise preventing you from concentrating on yourself and what you need.

The people that need to see me most is everyone. Everyone needs this type of treatment, no matter how strong or happy you are. No matter how much your body or mind can handle. A normal part of any task or existence is taking breaks and being cared for.

You do not need a specific reason to visit a practitioner of Chinese medicine. This is why, quite often, we call it preventative medicine. It is something you seek out to maintain your body's vigor and vitality. It is something that you can speak to your body with and tell it that you will support it and care for it.

I think this is necessary because we can too easily use and abuse our very determined bodies. And when the body gets pushed too hard for too long it will sometimes suddenly break down.

Any person of any belief system, culture, gender or age can seek out a practitioner that they trust to care for their body. These practitioners should direct them on how best to support their physical and mental needs.

I seek to give the body whatever support, relief, guidance it needs so that you can achieve your dreams, goals and desires. When I have achieved a level of understanding with how your body functions I can begin to teach you how to read your signs and symptoms, so you can know what food it needs, when it needs rest or when it needs intervention.

With each treatment you receive, I aim for you to know more and more about your own personal body and mind, and I hope over the years this enables you to utilize it the best you can.

My goal for my practice is to create a community of people who are educated on something different than a fad or new idea about health, but rather the simple and old idea of caring for yourself as an individual. No two people are the same, but we can all help each other in awareness and in health.

I hope to be open and honest, understanding and without judgment. I hope to always have an open mind and offer support and care to every living thing. I hope to remain educated and observant, ever learning and growing. I hope to forever assist others and be a perpetuation of goodness.

With these goals I can't ever see anything but success for myself and my patients. Let's work together and make the best of this life.