What is Health?

Make no mistake, health is about finding balance in life. Health is not just the absence of disease or discomfort, it is about truly relishing this life and having the longevity to enjoy every age range no matter your genetics or history.

The key is recovery, in order for our bodies to have good health, there must be time to heal from stress and trauma. Quite often in our North American society I hear people explain to me that they are "pushing through". Meaning that they are pushing their bodies through a marathon, a workout regime or grinding it out in a horrid work situation or a really overwhelming family loss.

Here is my best advice... Don't push through! Take the time to allow your body to heal. All this pushing through is something your body can handle, but there will be a toll paid eventually, sooner or later. The body needs a lot of resources and time to heal, and allowing it to slow down will result in it properly processing whatever stress you are under instead of creating mayhem internally as a coping mechanism,

Find balance in every aspect of your life and have reasonable goals for what your body can handle. We are all put on this planet unique, with a vast range oftalents, abilities, skills and genetics. No two people are going to respond the same even if their lifestyles and schedules are exactly the same. Not comparing yourself or your schedule to other people will help you with this goal.

Sometimes life throws us unforeseen and unplanned curve balls, and we have to "roll with the punches". But "rolling with the punches" is not the same as "pushing through". We must prioritize for survival at this stage. If we experience loss, we take the time to grieve, if we experience a struggle with monetary expenses, we should put a lot of time and effort into stabilizing the finances, if we have gained weight and our health and body is suffering, we can spend more time on exercise and planning healthy meals. These things can be a priority for a while so we can gain back control. But too often I see people making these short term priorities a new normal which means compromising a lot.

We are constantly making adjustments. But we cannot attempt to "do it all". Some people have the ability to do more than others, that is a part of our individuality. But not a single person, can do it all. There is a pace and a patience to all living situations. Allow yourself the option of choosing what you want to invest your time into during this life. Don't try and do everything according to how you've seen it done by everyone around you.

Is growing your own family important? Do you acquire less money and have just the basics so that you can spend copious amounts of time at home?

Is your profession a passion for you? Do you spend time growing a business, or invest all your time in a community instead of at home?

Is your family your greatest treasure? Do you want to visit your parents frequently and be a part of making their retirement rich and special?

Is a luxury lifestyle your goal? Spending time in a beautiful car, doing awe inspiring activities with powerful people and enjoying a palatialhome?

Is travelling your only goal forever? Are you downsizing to fit your entire life in a backpack and living frugally and humbly, detaching from anything concrete?

Whatever it is that makes you happy, whatever it is that you want, make that your focus, make that the driving force for finding your balance in this world.

Think about your priorities every day/week/month so that you can check in with yourself regarding your goals. You can then say to yourself " I have the most important things in my life" " I am happy with where I am now" or  "I have the most important thing to me going well". Even if things seemingly are falling apart, you'll be able to pick yourself up and find the balance again, you are a survivor even though you are not "doing it all".

The symptoms you will notice most when you realize you are trying to "do it all", are fatigue ( because your body only has so much energy to divide out to different tasks in a day), you many notice sleep disturbances (because you need energy to sleep and a lot of energy is wasted in worrying), and even experience digestive issues (because food is the primary source of our energy)

Balance is different for everyone, everyone experiences stress differently and we are all given the gift to choose. It's not all sacrifices, it is just being happy with the priority you have made for yourself and changing that priority as you go through life. You get to decide where your energy gets spent. You also get to decide to repair yourself when life gives you toughness. Take the time and energy to deal with the trauma this challenge confronts you with, so that you can come out of the trauma stronger instead of exhausted.

Don't get me wrong, you don't always get the life you exactly dreamed of, there is a lot of compromise and adapting to exist in this world. More compromise for some than others for sure. But you will always have control over prioritizing what you want to spend your energy on.

This life is strange and chaotic, it is full of experiences, good and bad, it has potential for anything. We all just do our best and our bodies are one of the few things we can control and support. Try your best to listen to what your body needs whether it be sleep, better food, exercise and activities, rest, water or even simply a deep breath.

To learn your body signals and messages you can seek out a practitioner to help you be aware of your symptoms and what they are telling you. This is so that you can go out into the world and enjoy the lifeyou have created and chosen for yourself.

Big message being, success is being happy in your life, not in being someone else's definition of "successful". Happiness is all you can hope for, and happiness is attainable. Happiness looks different for everyone on this planet but happiness is of your own making, no matter what life throws at you.