What is Preventative Medicine?

We are all thrown onto this planet with different vessels to participate in the world with. The difference is our genetics and what I like to call “constitution”. Not everyone is made equal, yet we are all given the same health information in school and at home.

For the most part, this general health guidance is good information, “eat your vegetables”, “drink water” and “get lots of sleep”. But the details about how to proceed with these directions, differs from person to person depending on their constitution.

Some of us land on this planet with the ability to eat anything and feel 100% in all our endeavors, while others have all the food sensitivities under the sun. What makes these differences and how do you know how to best support your unique body?

This is where Eastern medicine comes in handy. Western medicine for the most part focuses on solving problems as they come up, but Chinese medicine looks at health in an entirely different way. The focus becomes “what should I do to attain my optimal state of health?” Our optimal health is, when we are not only pain free and able to complete all the tasks of our daily life, but also thriving with vitality and energy.

With every person I treat, I conduct a full assessment of their current body condition, and then I do an evaluation of their constitution, these two things allow me to understand what their body is built to handle. The patient’s main complaint may be pain or discomfort, so I will look at the big picture, to not only heal their disturbance but also best support their body in maintaining a balanced state of being.

Preventative medicine is, removing the narrow frame of reference when considering a treatment plan, by addressing all aspects of an individual’s human body as well as the area of concern.

Preventative medicine is educating people about all the symptoms they see and feel, telling them what these symptoms mean for their body, and how they can create efficiency of self-care. This type of approach, hopes to enable patients with the ability to fully enjoy their life.

Life is about living to the fullest, experiencing everything you want, and having the ability to attain each goal that you desire. Having the physical body function at it’s very best, is a part of attaining a healthy life.

So my question to you is, how do you define health? Is it merely the absence of pain and disease, or is it the beauty and richness of the human experience being perceived by you?