Fertility: The Quality of your Egg

Egg quality is a concern for women trying to conceive either naturally or using assisted reproductive technology.  When we think of egg quality we are thinking of both the genetic make up of the egg and the ATP (energy) in the egg when it is released.  Eggs like all other cells in your body respond to their environment and ensuring that your follicles develop in the best possible environment will ensure that they are of the best possible quality.

I recommend regular acupuncture for 3 months before you start trying to conceive. This is because it takes 3 months for a follicle to fully mature from its primordial state. Acupuncture will balance the environment in your ovary where your follicles are growing. The acupuncture will help with circulation to your ovary bringing oxygen and nutrients to your follicles, it helps reduce stress hormones in your blood stream and make sure that your ovaries are receiving the hormonal triggers from your brain.

Other ways to create the best environment inside your body include; getting enough sleep, eating a nutrient rich diet, monitoring your sugar consumption, moderate exercise, staying well hydrated and managing your stress. Try yoga, meditation, tai chi or qi gong to help you bring down your stress levels naturally.  There are also herbals and supplements that will help to boost egg quality.

Come in and talk to us about which options would be best for your body.