Power '17 - Top 7 Foods for 2017

Yes, 2016 is gone, and for many, we are looking to start 2017 with the best foot forwards. Heading into the second week of January provides us with the opportunity to look at the best foods to help improve our overall health and wellness. 

With foods, it often feels like foods go through their fads, but the honest truth is that some foods have always earned their health benefits through years of consistent research results and best of all are easy on one's palate. 

I know from my personal experience when talking to my patients out what the best foods are, these are my go-to foods as they coverage a wide range of health benefits and best of all they are tasty, simple and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

From foods that provide antioxidants, cancer-fighting properties, hormones balancing and best of all these foods can be integrated easily into one's week. 

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Happy New Years and I wish you all the best for 2017!

Dr. Vijay Nielsen, DMS HD

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